Concentric Security Launches… INSIGHT. An Enterprise-Level Vehicle Barrier Maintenance ERP System. 

We’re proud to announce that after three intensive years, significant capital expense, custom software development and planning, we now have… INSIGHT. This ERP system is a first-of-its-kind tool specifically designed to manage the service complexities of large clients and geographically dispersed vehicle barrier networks.

John Bray, Senior Vice President of Concentric Security said; “The effort has definitely been worth it. We can now geo-tag every barrier and maintain a database of the individual parts on a specific barrier.  Every part we use is now barcoded and the inventory tracked in each of our U.S. warehouses. The integrations from warehouse inventory, to rolling stock (trucks), to call center scheduling to the actual barrier maintenance/repair/emergency response ticket are all seamlessly tied together. Every aspect of the Service Division is now monitored in ‘Real Time’. We’ve now satisfied the goal we set for ourselves to SAVE our CUSTOMERS both TIME and MONEY”

David McInturff, our Service Division VP, went on to say, “Our customers have been blown away by how efficient and effective our response times are now. They can now get reports and recommendations via email while our technicians are still on site. The power of this system will only grow over time with service history. Our customers will be able to run reliable Cost Benefit Analysis relative to repairing verses replacing an End-of-Life barrier”

CONGRATULATIONS to our leaders, developers and engineers who invested years birthing this amazing tool PROUD OF ALL OF THEM!