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Concentric Security Gateway August 2013
Concentric Security is pleased to offer our Perimeter Security Solutions.  We hope you find the information to be a valuable resource as you evaluate your current and future perimeter security needs.

Reduce Costs and Increase Barrier Functionality

Concentric Security's years of working with top government agency's engineering and security groups on design, installation and repair of high security perimeter control points, and listening to their struggles, we developed S.M.A.R.T. - System Monitoring and Reporting Tool (Patent Pending).  S.M.A.R.T. combines systems diagnostics and predictive analytics to reduce costs and increase vehicle barrier functionality. 

The integrity of your access control point can depend on a $20 part.  Concentric Security can warn you of a potential failure.  S.M.A.R.T. blends software and hardware elements that deliver:

  • Security Integrity
  • Safety Integrity
  • Systems Integrity

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Let Concentric Security help with year end, command directed or last minute projects.

Perimeter Security Solutions

Active Vehicle Barriers * Passive Vehicle Barriers * Anti-Ram & Anti-Climb Fencing 

Ballistic Rated Guard Booths * Architectural Pre-Cast Concrete * Gate Houses

ID Check Canopies * Gate Operators * Controls * Glass Hazard Mitigation 

Barrier Plans * Consulting * Assessments * Construction * Training * Maintenance   

Contact us now to find out more information and to schedule your timely project. Many of these solutions are available through Concentric Security's GSA Schedule.

Perimeter Security Tip of the Month - Annual Maintenance


Annual Maintenance is required on all perimeter security devices to remain safe and secure.  It is not too late to CARE!

  • Check fluid levels and clarity
  • Assess hoses and connectors for cracks and leaks
  • Remove excess debris from drains and equipment
  • Evalute system function and perform operational tests 

Contact Concentric Security with questions or to schedule an onsite assessment.


To learn more about how Concentric Security  can serve you and your unique perimeter security needs, visit our website at,  email or call 800.854.0050.

Thank you for your continued trust and allowing Concentric Security to serve you!