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Shallow Mount Bollard

Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard


Concentric Security is proud to offer the Raptor Shallow Mount Bollard.  This bollard is a new concept in barrier design.  The Raptor’s unique design gives it the strength to make it a truly formidable defense, guarding against the highest level of vehicular threat.  The shallow foundation requirement  offers cost effective installation and makes the Raptor a great choice for a variety of applications.
Unique Solutions to Solve Real Problems
  • One Day Installation
  • Engineered for Safety without Pinch Points, Trap Hazards, and Voids
  • High Duty Cycle
  • ASTM M50-P1 and C40-P1 Crash Tested
  • Operational After Testing with Minor Repair
  • Shallow 20” Excavation
  • Minimal Concrete Required, approximately 2 yards
  • Tested as a Single Unit 
  • Single or Multiple Units for Wider Roads

  • Access Control Points
  • Commercial Entrances
  • Military Installations
  • Government Facilities
  • Industrial and Petrochemical Facilities
  • Heavy Traffic Entrances
  • Truck Inspection Areas
  • Sally Ports
  • Loading Docks


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