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Surface Mount Bollard Systems

Surface Mount Bollard Systems

Concentric Security and RSA Protective Technologies proudly announce Surface Mount Bollard Systems to meet your requirements for flexible and temporary perimeter security.

Typical Uses
  • Event Security
  • Leased Facilities
  • Street Closures
  • Barrier Plans

Typical Applications
  • Flexibility for movable or temporary security
    • Fill with sand or concrete to provide weight
  • Engineered to either K4 or K12 rating
    • 3 bollard arrays with a 12 bollard minimum to achieve a rating
    • K4 system is 7" high, closely mirroring a standard step of 6 ¾
    • K12 system is 12" high
  • Deployable in hours
    • No field welding necessary
    • No excavation required
    • No ground connection needed
    • Easily assembled on site
  • Modular for flexibility in configuration to most any site condition
    • Pedestrian walkthrough areas and holes to allow fence to be added are available
    • End of each run requires a weighted end component to secure the array
    • Walk through connector plate maintains spacing at 42" for ADA compliance
    • Standard bollard spacing is 48” clear opening
    • Angles of both 45 and 90 degrees available