A strong perimeter security solution starts with assessments, and an assessment is only as good as the team behind it. Using our knowledge and organizational muscle in three key areas — Security Assessment, Security Engineering, and Security Construction — Concentric Security works with you and your team to do a detailed analysis of site characteristics and vulnerabilities. We’ll develop an effective plan that protects your reputation and -- most importantly -- your critical assets.

Our Assessment services include:

Site Characteristics

  • Property Layout/Boundaries
  • Traffic Flow/Types
  • Available Standoff Distances
  • Facility Usage
  • Stakeholder Constraints

Vector Analysis

  • Review Possible Vectors
  • Analyze Avenues of Approach
  • Assess Roadway Geometry

Stakeholder Input

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Gathering Places
  • Pedestrian Flow
  • Determine Threat Scenarios (DBT)

Blast Analysis

  • Blast Hazard Mitigation Review
  • Standoff Distance Review

Threat Verification

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