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22 Years of Perimeter Security Service, Consulting, and Construction Excellence.

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Our team is available to assist in assessing the requirements of a new project or the current conditions of an existing site.

We Specialize In :

  • Site Characteristics

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vector Analysis

  • Blast Analysis

  • Threat Verification

  • Stakeholder Input


Concentric Security Consulting provides a wide range of services to support an existing facility, potential leased facility or new facility design.

We Specialize In :

  • Technology Selection

  • Civil Review

  • Existing Infrastructure

  • Underground Encumbrances

  • Drainage

  • Layout Design


When it comes to vehicle barrier service providers, our experienced team of field supervisors and service technicians have the experience and systems to ensure your barrier needs don’t become persistent barrier problems.

We Specialize In :

  • Barriers of All Types

  • Preventative

  • Controls

  • Minor Repairs


Concentric Security is the only perimeter security company in the nation that has deep in-house experience in perimeter security construction, and also in other critical areas that can help to ensure the success of your project. Our business depth — including a top engineering unit and award-winning assessment team — provides you with all the resources you need to achieve the best construction outcome.

We Specialize In :

  • Submittals

  • Materials Procurement

  • Installation

  • Verification Testing

  • Training

  • Warranty & Service


Our Work

Crash Rated Post And Rail
Shallow Mount Bollards
Crash Rated Entry Control
Sliding Shallow Bollards

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